Carl Lemelin will return next week with some buy-low, sell-high candidates, so this week’s preview will be a little light.

Below is the breakdown of home/road games this week, in what is shaping up to be a fairly busy week for all clubs.

For a complete, detailed breakdown of all team schedules, the primer is here and the scheduling doc available on Google is located here.


It’s still a bit early in the season for advanced stats. As the sample sizes begin to normalize, we will introduce more analysis that features advanced analytics.

With that in mind, I wanted to make sure our readers are aware of our partners NHL NUMBERS great reference library.

This little blurb explains the library in context I will likely be referring to some article when it comes to more advanced concepts.

What goes in? The focus in the library will be on the general over the specific, the theoretical over the applied. So an article on how the stats show that Jack Johnson isn’t as good as some people think probably wouldn’t be included, but an article that sought to demonstrate what attributes lead to a defenseman being overvalued probably would be. If an analytical article provides insight that is generally applicable across the league, it probably belongs in the library.

The hockey world has changed with the better technology that has launched new theories and ideologies. We hope to incorporate some of those concepts into our continuing analysis.

Weekly Schedule Breakdown
Week3 Hm Rd TOT
ANA 1 3 4
BOS 1 2 3
BUF 2 2 4
CGY 3 3
CAR 3 3
CHI 3 3
COL 2 2
CBJ 3 3
DAL 1 2 3
DET 3 1 4
EDM 2 2 4
FLA 3 3
LAK 3 3
MIN 2 1 3
MTL 2 1 3
NSH 2 2 4
NJD 3 1 4
NYI 2 1 3
NYR 2 1 3
OTT 3 3
PHI 3 3
PHX 2 1 3
PIT 2 2 4
SJS 2 1 3
STL 3 3
TBL 4 4
TOR 1 3 4
VAN 1 2 3
WSH 2 1 3
WPG 2 1 3

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