2013-14 McK Yrbk Revised (2)

McKeen’s Hockey, as always, is committed to providing in-depth analysis and the highest quality editorial possible. Hockey as a sport has grown dramatically in the last few years and the tools available for analysis have become increasingly more sophisticated. Real time access to a world of live action, instantaneous updates and analysis has made it an exciting time to be a hockey fan. We are excited about the possibilities that publishing online represent for us going forward.

We will be publishing the 2013-14 McKeen's Hockey Pool Yearbook online only this season. We have heard from many long time readers of the print edition and publisher Iain Morrell explains the decision here. We hope to return with a print edition next season and a robust website that offers lots of extra value.

The content is accessed through the internet at www.mckeenshockey.com with a username and password. The site contains all of the content from the Yearbook, with more detailed profiles and analysis. In time we will be able to include many more profiles than we can include in a print edition. We will be continuously adding player profiles all season building an in-depth database of scouting and analyses. We have made the NHL player profiles available as a sample on the Anaheim Ducks page found here: http://www.mckeenshockey.com/teams/anaheim-ducks/ click on a players name to view their profile page.

It is not a downloadable PDF, however, all of the charts and projections are downloadable to excel or a PDF. We had requests for downloadable copy of key player profiles which we have made available. It is not meant to duplicate the format of the former magazine.

There are mutliple charts of stats available for download including projections for the top 475 players and the top 150 prospects.

Line combinations are kept current throughout the season courtesy of Frozen Pool from Dobberhockey with the  most common line combinations of the previous three games.

We will be updating the website all year and in particular through the opening of the season - updating the predictions based on training camp performances and injuries.

The online subscription comes with a web mobile app accessed through your internet browser to make interaction on a phone or tablet simple and available at your fingertips.

We are confident that the McKeen’s real time online content will be incomparable to any other hockey resource available on the market. To subscribe please go here: http://www.mckeenshockey.com/subscribe/

A couple of answers to some questions that have come up.

1. You can purchase using a major credit card or debit card to make your purchase. You do need to sign up for Paypal to do so.

2. We have had requests for a PDF of player profiles and it is now available. It is a very simple document NOT meant to duplicate the magazine. It is meant as a supplementary tool as a companion to the interactive website. Readers wanted to be able to access the profiles should they not choose to continue beyond a four month subscription.

3. The web mobile app is accessed through the internet browser on your smart phone. Simply log onto the internet and enter your username and password. The site recognizes the device and configures the content in a more easily accessed format for a smart phone

We hope you enjoy our website and best of luck in the coming season.

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71 Responses to 2013-14 McKeen’s Hockey Pool Yearbook available online for $9.99!

  1. Sim LeBlanc says:

    So happy the Yearbook is back!! Now can you tell me how I can order it? I just circled the website to find it. 🙂

    • robert.howard says:

      Thanks for the kind words. You subscribe to the online edition here: http://www.mckeenshockey.com/subscribe/

    • GuyTrem says:

      I don’t need more than 4 month because all my pool are in start of the season it’s just seat and wait the rest of the season
      is this easy to cancel after the first 4 month ?


      • McKeen's Hockey says:

        You can cancel the subscription when you purchase it. You can cancel it any time before the four months are up, through Paypal, or a simple e-mail to info@mckeenshockey.com.

        You will have downloadable predictions and a PDF of player profiles to keep.

        The website will have an incredible database of players and more profiles, news and articles than we could ever possibly put in a print magazine. We will be providing commentary on players all season and updating scouting profiles as we go. We will work hard to make it worth hanging on to your subscription.

  2. Matt says:

    Just paid and got nothing in return.

    • robert.howard says:

      We will be publishing the content for the 2013-14 McKeen’s Hockey Pool Yearbook in early September. It is explained in the welcome article, but we will make it much clearer on the home page and to new subscribers. Sorry for any confusion.

      • Matt says:

        Thanks Robert. Having never purchased from this site, I’m also unclear on how content will be available in September, as no account was given to me upon purchase. I’m assuming all will be revealed next month.

        • BJ Nevin says:

          September still works for me, but I also have the same concerns as Matt. Please let us know how this will work come September.


          • McKeen's Hockey says:

            You will access the player profiles through links on the team home page in a number of places, the predictions, the line combinations or depth charts. All of our prediction lists and stats provide links to the player pages as well. The lists are all downloadable to an excel spreadsheet or a PDF. We will update predictions right up until the start of the season.

            On a smart phone or tablet, the write ups and articles are accessed through a web mobile app, configuring the information to make it easier to access player profiles. It can be switched back to the regular website if you prefer that.

            We are partnering with Frozen Pool again to offer up to date line combinations (last three games) and will have several news feeds to keep things up to date, including our own observations.

            We will continue to add and update player profiles and scouting reports all season. The database of players and the information we can build online will be much more extensive than we can offer in a print magazine, including more in-depth profiles.

            We hope you enjoy the online version and will welcome feedback to continue to improve it.

  3. I want to order a hard copy of the 2013-14 McKeen’s Hockey Pool Yearbook magazine and have it sent to my house. Could you please send me the information on how to do so? Thanks in advance and love your magazine it’s by far the best every year.


  4. Shonn says:

    This is terrible news. I am devastated. The McKeens Hockey Pool Yearbook was the best hockey pool magazine on the market. It was like Christmas getting it in the mail or finally seeing it on magazine racks. I will have to find another source. So long favorite magazine- you helped me win many pools. What a shame…

    • McKeen's Hockey says:

      Thank you for the kind words regarding our magazine, we appreciate them very much. We made this decision for a number of reasons, some personal, in that we did not we feel we could meet a print deadline this season without sacrificing our quality. More importantly, we felt we could produce a much more detailed and rich product by focusing our energies online.

      We do hope you will give the online version a try. Have a great season.

  5. Stuart says:

    I wish to only take the 4 months for $7.99 offer. Does this commit me to take the next 4 months as well?
    Thanks, Stuart

    • McKeen's Hockey says:

      You can cancel automatic payments when you sign up or any time before the four months are up. You can either cancel them through Paypal or send us an e-mail at info@mckeenshockey.com and we will cancel it immediately.

      • John Fairbairn says:

        I just phoned PayPal and you can’t cancel the automatic payments scheduled for January ( of $9.99) using PayPal without cancelling the trial 4 month membership. Is this true? She suggested I cancel closer to January before the automatic payments start occurring.

        • Gus Katsaros says:

          Hi there, John.

          I’m not sure about the setup here, but have made sure to let our front office know of this issue. We will get back with an answer as soon as we can.


  6. Jim Veenbaas says:

    How do I order the print edition of this year’s yearbook? All I can see in the store is last year’s magazine.

  7. Dave says:

    I have enjoyed your magazine for years, and hope that the online version will mirror the magazine format.
    Will the online format be the same as the print edition was in the past?
    Will there be an up to date sample available September 8th?

  8. Dean says:

    5mins. looking for somewhere to click to buy your product, I have bought the hard copy for the last 3 years, hands down the best. I have the money burning a hole in my pocket. Can’t find the spot, “Click Here To Purchase”.

  9. Don Hernden says:

    In the on-line version of the Hockey Pool Yearbook, will you still have the Top 475 Projected Scorers list like you did in the paper version? If yes, will it be downloadable in Excel and Pdf formats ?


    • McKeen's Hockey says:

      We will have an expanded prediction list beyond the 475, in excess of 650 predictions. All of the standard content that was contained in the print magazine will be part of the online edition. Prediction lists and charts can be downloaded in excel an PDF.

  10. Steve says:

    It appears that if I but your yearbook online I will only be able to keep it for four months. Is that correct? And if so, how can I get a copy that I can file away and keep indefinitely for future reference just like my old print copies?

    Secondly, if I subscribe to your site on a monthly basis, do I get access to all the other features such as the yearbook and draft previews?

    • McKeen's Hockey says:

      The online subscription provide you access to the website for four months. All of the charts and predictions are printable and downloadable. We will also be providing a PDF of the player profiles on September 25th, sooner if they are ready, which you can download and reference.

      We have two subscription levels – McKeen’s Hockey Pool Yearbook (NHL) and McKeen’s NHL Draft Guide – which focuses on draft eligible players. All of the players from the 2013 NHL draft will be included in the NHL subscription.


  11. Santo Manna says:

    OK I think I understand now, you have to go to the team pages on the website, but there are as yet only 2012/13 predictions, I assume you haven’t yet completed the 2013/14 version?

  12. Bruno Benedetti says:

    I’ve greatly enjoyed the print magazine for years now. I’m a bit lost without it, but I understand the need to change to digital format. Can’t wait for September 8th to see the content.
    I am a bit worried though when you say the projected scoring lists in pdf will only be available by September 25th. Will the Excel version be available sooner? My pool, and I’m assuming that of many others, is early than that.

    Keep up the good work!

    • McKeen's Hockey says:

      We appreciate the kind words and hope you enjoy the website. We will be posting the player predictions, etc in the next 48 hours. We will be loading all of the player profiles in the meantime – planning to have everything up on the site by Sunday.

      We have decided to produce a PDF of the player profiles after requests by many people who only want a four month subscription – but want to be able to reference the write-ups in future seasons. We felt that made sense and could deliver that by September 25th, but will do our best to make them available sooner if possible.

  13. Alex says:

    Is it just for this year, or will that be the format from now on and the printed edition is gone forever?

  14. David Whitcomb says:

    How do I gain access to the app? And when will there be a more formal “launch” for the online mag? I’m really looking forward to the articles (breakouts, sleepers, etc) as much as the individual write-ups.

    • McKeen's Hockey says:

      Projections are live on the site now. We are posting articles and player profiles all day. We appreciate your patience as we do so.

      The web-mobile app is accessed through the browser on your smart phone or tablet with your username and password. It configures the content in a more friendly way on your device. You can always switch back to the traditional website as well.

  15. MM says:

    Will you still have the projection table that used to be at the back of the magazine for the top 300 or so players? Will this possibly be available in a downloadable spreadsheet format (excel, etc)?

  16. Andrew Fong says:

    I have enjoyed McKeen for the last 6-8 years ….

    any chance of getting average ice time minutes for each players over the three years
    …I found this stat very useful for predicting break through years…

  17. cam mcculloch says:

    Why would I have to join PayPal to pay you with my own VISA?
    And why would it take two weeks to create PDFs?
    I don’t think you guys are taking this seriously, anymore. Or you need to hire a couple of 12-year-olds to handle the techical aspects of the project.
    As I said before, you used to be reliably on the newsstands by Sept. 1. We looked forward to it like Christmas. Then last year you were hopelessly late. For a few years now you’ve been recycling the same scouting reports on players. And now, in addition to being hopelessly late, you want me to pay the same money, except that I have to bear the cost of the ink.
    I could see you guys not being around in a year. You’ve gone from market leader in the 80s to tired dinosaurs.
    It’s been a great ride, though.
    A lot of our guys are buying The Sports Forecaster and subscribing to Dobber and not bothering with your product. Which is sad, b/c your magazine used to be head and shoulders above The Forecaster, and Dobber can’t write to save his life.
    What a waste.

    • Gus Katsaros says:

      Thank you for the note, Cam. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and we have taken measures to improve our service(s) in the future. The issues experienced here are part of the growing pains of launching a digital identity, after having issues with lateness as you alluded to with our print version.

      A little background here.

      For the printed magazine to be on newsstands by a certain date, we must quickly finish our analysis, and I personally feel that hastiness just to get the magazine into circulation lends to an inferior product. If you prefer paying for an inferior product on the newsstand to satisfy the need to have it ‘early’ then that’s easy to accomplish, but we don’t operate that way. The content and quality of is the most important aspect of our analysis.

      The scouting reports are an end result of extensive, all round analysis including detailed views and statistical analysis. If there’s a need to change the reports substantially, it is done. For most players through their careers, their scouting report (at least the main part of skills assessment) usually stays the same. If there’s a note that must be included, we do that. they aren’t rehashed reports, we do extensive analysis to determine what should be included and excluded.

      Back to printing, it’s not just other annuals that we must compete with, but the new digital age has allowed sophisticated hockey minds to publish their own findings on blogs/message boards etc.

      We, as a scouting service with a history of top-notch analysis must be better than that. To achieve that we require a higher level of analysis to overcome the evolution of digital media and greater demand for information/analysis/commentary that can be found elsewhere.

      Your comment about irrelevance is pretty hurtful to me, personally.

      I’ve made efforts to give our readers more than just what you are paying for with an online subscription in the form of cutting edge, FREE CONTENT unavailable in other outlets. For instance:


      And then there’s this:

      I will stop here, however, I want to make it clear, I, personally, and McKeen’s in general are extremely grateful for your continued patronage. We appreciate your feedback and do not take it lightly.

      You can choose another outlet to spend your poolie dollars on, that’s fine, we understand you as the consumer have choices.

  18. Joe says:

    I’ve been buying McKeen’s on the newstand for several years as I considered it to be the best of the preview magazines. Not especially interested in the on-line version as it doesn’t fit in with my own needs for hard copy that I can scan quickly. However, I had planned to take advantage of the $7.99 offer to get the player profile PDF’s. When I went to purchase today though, I found that unlike many other businesses that allow one to use PayPal without having an actual PayPal account, McKeen’s apparently DOES require a PayPal account. I have zero interest in setting one of those up. Looks like I’ve just turned into an ex-customer.

    • Gus Katsaros says:

      I’m very sorry to hear that, Joe. My apologies and I have made sure to get our front office staff to investigate this further.

      We hope to see you back with us at some point.


  19. Ward Wyatt says:

    I have purchased the magazine and got a confirmation. When I attempt to register, I get a reply that my email address is in use and to get another. I have changed password. Any suggestions?

  20. sylvain chartrand says:

    I have paid via paypal but I’m not receiving my online yearbook. I tried to log on but I can’t. What can i do?

  21. Mike Romeo says:

    The online version will not do it for me. Still have your magazines back 10 years at least. Bring the print version back.

  22. Dwight Thomas says:

    I can’t express my disappointment is your decision to not print a magazine. As someone who relies on the use public computers because they don’t own one, the online option is of no use to me. It was by far my favorite Hockey Pool magazine and now I’ll have find a suitable replacement.

    • Gus Katsaros says:

      Hi there, Dwight.

      We appreciate this sentiment and have taken measures to explore the print version for next season once again.

      You spoke, we listened.


  23. Scot MacDonald says:


    I’ve made this comment on Twitter but wanted to offer it here as well.

    If you monitor the feedback on this issue, and I’m sure you do, you’ll find many past customers of the print edition refer to the magazine’s annual release as ‘being like Christmas’. That’s pretty powerful stuff, and I can also say I always anticipated the release of the print edition like no other product I can think of at the moment (perhaps the Wish Book as a kid).

    Regardless, while I understand the realities and benefits of online distribution, in some cases the print format holds so much value it simply cannot be duplicated online. I would argue the McKeen’s annual is one of those magazines.

    I’ve already spent my poolie dollars on The Hockey News and Dobber for this year after buying McKeen’s exclusively for years now. I miss it already, and I’m not certain I’ll ever take out the online membership. Here’s hoping the print version returns for 2014.


  24. Francois Lapierre says:

    While I really hope the print edition will be back next year, I fully understand your choice if you thought you would not be able to keep the same quality we used to get from Mckeen’s… The online content will do the job for me this season, excellent work and excellent content… I’m glad you decided to provide an online guide despite not being able to produce the print edition in time. Thank you very much!

  25. Craig says:

    Wow! Massive disappointment!! Even though I’ve read about Pavel Datsyuk’s abnormally long arms for the last decade I still consider the print version of McKeens the ultimate. This will sting. I hope you re-think your business decision and return to print otherwise you’ve lost many of us to your competitors.

    • McKeen's Hockey says:

      Hi Craig,

      Thank you for your comments and your support over the years. Here is an explanation from our publisher http://www.mckeenshockey.com/nhl-blog/mckeens-newsstands/
      We are planning to return to a print edition next year.

      We hope to build a tremendous resource of player profiles, scouting reports online that is just not possible in a print magazine and will be updating it all season. We believe print and online will complement each other very well.

      • Colt.45Orr says:

        “We believe print and online will complement each other very well.”

        I will order both if available, but –out of principle– will not order online if the print isn’t back. BTW, I’m liking the yearbook this year so far.

  26. Mark says:

    I know in previous yearly magazines, you had goalie stats. Is this part of this years online yearbook?

  27. Catherine says:

    How can I subscribe to the 2013-2014 yearbook without using paypal ?

    • McKeen's Hockey says:

      Hi Catherine – you do need to sign up for Paypal to purchase currently. You can use a credit card or debit card once you are signed up. We are looking into makin other options available in the future.


  28. Francois Lapierre says:


    Any update on the PDF of the player profiles that is supposed to be available on September 25th? Any expected delays or it should be available, as planned, on Wednesday?

    Thank you very much!


    • McKeen's Hockey says:

      It will likely be late Wednesday so would count on Thursday. I want to remind everybody it will be a simple document just containing the written player profiles. It will not duplicate the look of the magazine but provide a simple document that you can refer back to all year as was requested by readers. Stats and projections can all be downloaded from the site. Thanks for your support this season.

  29. Lafontaine25 says:

    New news today, my pool is tomorrow?

  30. Jorel Bertounesque says:

    So is the pdf available? If yes where do I open it? Thanks

  31. Lafontaine25 says:

    I did pay my fees and I can’t get the PDF Projection???

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