To download the McKeen’s 2014 NHL Draft Guide you must be a subscriber to McKeen’s Hockey Online and can access it on the Subscriber Download Page found by clicking here.
If you would like to subscribe to McKeen’s Hockey Online, please go here
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5 Responses to McKeen’s 2014 NHL Draft Guide Now Available for Subscribers. Link is provided here.

  1. Doug Abrams says:

    I am subscriber. I am trying to find the link.

    • McKeen's Hockey says:

      If you are a subscriber and signed in, the subscriber download link will appear on the Home page, The NHL Home Page, and the Draft Home page in the Quick Links box in the top right hand corner.

      If you are not signed in, the link will not appear.

  2. [...] players listed below, I highly recommend purchasing two draft guides that I contributed to over at McKeen’s Hockey and Dobber Hockey. Furthermore, I have been churning out as many profiles for this draft over at [...]

  3. Steve Babin says:

    I’ve suscribed today, especially to get acces to the draft guide, every time i try to follow the link to acces the Draft Guide i get back to the page where i can suscribe for 3monts or a year…

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