Data Visualization – 2016-17 Season

When compiling the player analysis for the McKeen's Yearbook I used these differential charts as one form of input to measure 2016-17 production among a variety of individual stats against the previous season (2015-16) and the 3-year average ending prior to the 2016-17 season.

The 3-year differential divides last season’s result (2016-17) into the 3-year average ending prior to last season. That is, the (2016-17) season divided by 3 year average from seasons from 2013-14, through to 2015-16).

Results greater than 1 signify outperforming the rate metric from the previous or three year average with a potential for scaling back in the upcoming season. Results less than 1 indicate underperforming the rate metric with the potential for a positive uptick in 2017-18.

Both 5v5 and 5v4 play are captured with a filter to switch between them. The charts are organized in pairings to display how the metrics interacted with each other. The pairings were used while writing up the player profiles and the pairings seemed to work so kept them intact here. The different metrics are available in a drop down menu.