About Us

Founded in 1994, McKeen’s Hockey is a recognized expert at both the NHL and prospect level through its leading publications, McKeen’s Hockey Pool Yearbook and McKeen’s NHL Draft Guide. The team at McKeen’s has been profiling the top prospects and future NHL stars for 20 years.

McKeen’s has built up a strong network of contacts, combined with scouting both in rinks and on video, produces a respected NHL Draft resource. Hockey insiders and draft enthusiasts trust McKeen’s reporting to provide valuable perspective on a players potential.

Our Products

McKeen’s Hockey Pool Yearbook
Our flagship publication publishing celebrating its 20th anniversary. It provides a complete breakdown of each NHL team and the fantasy potential of its players. It contains articles by leading hockey writers, the top 475 player projections, the top 150 NHL Prospects and much more.

McKeen’s Hockey NHL Draft Guide
Published each year prior to the NHL Draft it provides thorough, extensive and detailed scouting reports. Compiled by a team of scouts across the hockey world it is widely quoted and featured in sports media.

mckeenshockey.com Website
Our website features all of the content of our publications plus many more player profiles and articles than is possible in our print editions. It is an enormous hockey resource covering thousands of players. 

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