Bowen Byram ranked number nine on McKeen's initial draft ranking and the second defender on the board for the 2019 NHL Draft after Philip Broberg. A natural power play QB he is currently tied for [...]
  • 2019 NHL Draft Logo
    By Ryan Wagman, November 15th, 2018
    The 2019 draft may still be seven months into the future, but it is not too early to start narrowing our focus on those young players who are primed to be top selections in Vancouver. [...]
  • McKeens2018Yearbook_cover_1200px_a
    By McKeen's Hockey, September 9th, 2018
    We are proud to release the 2018-19 Hockey Pool Yearbook. It is our 24th year of publication and remains an essential resource for hockey fans. You can learn more and subscribe here - $9.99 [...]
  • Bowen Byram. Photo by Chris Relke/Vancouver Giants.
    By Kevin Olexson , December 9th, 2018
    Bowen Byram ranked number nine on McKeen's initial draft ranking and the second defender on the board for the 2019 NHL Draft after Philip Broberg. A natural power play QB he is currently tied for [...]
  • VANCOUVER, BC - NOVEMBER 27:  Los Angeles Kings Goalie Cal Petersen (40) makes a save during their NHL game against the Vancouver Canucks at Rogers Arena on November 27, 2018 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Los Angeles won 2-1 in overtime. (Photo by Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire)
    By Tom Dorsa, December 8th, 2018
    November is always a key month in pro hockey. As the leaves are falling and eggnog hits the shelves, it is in this month that you begin to see which teams are for real, with [...]
  • Finnish flag on ice
    By Marco Bombino , December 5th, 2018
    Antti Tuomisto caught Marco Bombino's attention at a tournament in Vassa which he wrote about earlier this season. You can read it here - Finland U20 Tournament - A report from Vaasa. Bombino believes [...]
  • USA U17 vs Minnesota Wilderness
    By Ryan Wagman, December 4th, 2018
    Ryan Wagman provides a detailed scouting report on Case McCarthy giving him his highest marks in hockey smarts and physicality. Committed to Boston University next season Wagman sees an NHL Future as a second pairing [...]
  • Michael DiPietro of team OHL Photo by Luke Durda/OHL Images
    By Shaiyena Côté, December 3rd, 2018
    Every fall for the past sixteen years leading up to the international U20 tournaments and the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship, the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) hosts a series of six games between the Russian [...]
  • 10 Firstov Vladislav
    By Ryan Wagman, December 2nd, 2018
    Ryan Wagman describes Russian 2019 NHL Draft eligible winger Validslav Firstov as a 'boom or bust' type of prospect. He explains further in a full scouting report below. A 'C' level prospect to watch on [...]
  • Zegras 3 copy 2
    By Ryan Wagman, November 29th, 2018
    Currently sitting at #18 on McKeen's initial 2019 NHL Draft ranking, Ryan Wagman describes Trevor Zegras as 'one of the early risers of the 2019 draft class' He explains below with a full scouting report. A note [...]
  • VDO_Guenette2_Action_201819
    By Benoit Belanger, November 23rd, 2018
    Maxence Guenette gets his highest marks for his skating and mobility and hockey smarts in the detailed scouting report from Benoit Belanger below. His offence remains underwhelming but makes good decisions on the ice with [...]
  • BAC_LegareNathan_201819
    By Benoit Belanger , November 22nd, 2018
    Nathan Légaré is currently fifth in scoring in the QMJHL but brings other attributes beyond scoring. A strong two way game, a big NHL-ready body combined with a tireless work ethic will get him long [...]
  • SHA_NussbaumerValentin2_Action_201819
    By Benoit Belanger, November 22nd, 2018
    Valentin Nussbaumer was included in our preliminary honourable mentions as a player that has caught our interest but not a first rounder. It is very early in the season still but he came into it [...]

TOP 31 / McKeen's 2019 NHL Draft Rankings

1Jack HughesCNTDP (USA)5-10/1702001-05-1418-9-27-36
2Dylan CozensCLethbridge (WHL)6-3/1852001-02-0918-9-14-23
3Kaapo KakkoRWTPS Turku (Fin)6-2/1952001-02-1316-3-7-10
4Vasili PodkolzinRWSKA-1946 St. Pete. (Rus)6-1/1902001-06-2410-5-2-7
5Kirby DachCSaskatoon (WHL)6-3/2002001-01-2122-12-23-35
6Philip BrobergDAIK (Swe 2)6-3/2002001-06-2515-0-4-4
7Raphael LavoieCHalifax (QMJHL)6-4/2002000-09-2520-12-10-22
8Matthew BoldyLWNTDP (USA)6-1/1852001-04-0518-13-8-21
9Bowen ByramDVancouver (WHL)6-1/1952001-06-1319-5-9-14
10Ryan SuzukiCBarrie (OHL)6-0/1752001-05-2817-7-20-27
11Cole CaufieldRWNTDP (USA)5-7/1552001-01-0218-16-6-22
12Peyton KrebsCKootenay (WHL)5-11/1802001-01-2622-6-21-27
13Alex NewhookCVictoria (BCHL)5-10/1902001-01-2823-12-23-35
14Alex TurcotteCNTDP (USA)5-11/1952001-02-263-1-1-2
15Victor SoderstromDBrynas (Swe)5-11/1802001-02-268-0-1-1
16Matthew RobertsonDEdmonton (WHL)6-3/2002001-03-0916-2-9-11
17Cam YorkDNTDP (USA)5-11/1702001-01-0518-2-14-16
18Trevor ZegrasCNTDP (USA)6-0/1652001-03-2017-10-19-29
19Nolan FooteLWKelowna (WHL)6-3/1902000-11-2918-11-5-16
20Arthur KaliyevRWHamilton (OHL)6-1/1902001-06-2619-17-13-30
21Tobias BjornfotDDjurgardens (Swe Jr)6-0/2002001-04-0617-3-4-7
22Jakob PelletierLWMoncton (QMJHL)5-9/1652001-03-0720-11-19-30
23Anttoni HonkaDJyP Jyvaskyla (Fin)5-10/1702000-10-0515-1-3-4
24Pavel DorofeyevLWS/L Magnitogorsk (Rus Jr)6-1/1702000-10-2610-8-5-13
25John BeecherCNTDP (USA)6-3/2052001-04-0518-3-8-11
26Samuel PoulinRWSherbrooke (QMJHL)6-1/2052001-02-2521-9-7-16
27Nils HoglanderLWRogle (Swe)5-9/1852000-12-2016-1-2-3
28Mikko KokkonenDJukurit (Fin)5-11/2002001-01-1818-1-7-8
29Robert MastrosimoneCChicago (USHL)5-10/1702001-01-2411-8-5-13
30Marshall WarrenDNTDP (USA)5-11/1702001-04-2012-1-5-6
31Lassi ThomsonDKelowna (WHL)6-0/1902000-09-2420-7-9-16