Tim Stützle - LW - Ottawa Senators 6'0" - 196lbs - Ottawa 1st Round Pick (3rd Overall) Who is Tim Stützle? Everyone and their grandparents know who Tim Stützle is. He was drafted 3rd overall [...]
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TOP 32 / McKeen's 2021 NHL Draft Rankings

1Matthew BeniersCMichigan (B1G)6-1/1752002-11-0514-4-9-13
2Owen PowerDMichigan (B1G)6-6/2152002-11-2216-2-10-12
3Luke HughesDUSN U18 (USDP)6-2/1752003-09-0928-6-22-28
4Jesper WallstedtGLulea (Swe)6-3/2002002-11-1410-8, 2.02, .916
5Simon EdvinssonDFrolunda (Swe Jr)6-4/2002003-02-0514-1-5-6
6Brandt ClarkeDNove Zamky (Svk)6-1/1802003-02-0911-1-1-2
7Dylan GuentherRWEdmonton (WHL)6-0/1702003-04-03
8Fabian LysellRWLulea (Swe)5-10/1752003-01-1916-2-0-2
9Aatu RatyCKarpat (Fin)6-2/1852002-11-1411-3-0-3
10William EklundLWDjurgardens (Swe)5-10/1752002-12-1027-7-8-15
11Carson LambosDJyP (Fin Jr)6-0/2002003-01-1413-2-9-11
12Kent JohnsonCMichigan (B1G)6-1/1702002-10-1816-6-12-18
13Zachary L'HeureuxLWHalifax (QMJHL)5-11/1952003-05-1513-8-7-15
14Corson CeulemansDBrooks (AJHL)6-1/1902003-05-052-2-3-5
15Cole SillingerCSioux Falls (USHL)6-0/1952003-05-167-7-4-11
16Brennan OthmannLWEHC Olten (Sui)5-11/1702003-01-0521-7-8-15
17Stanislav SvozilDKometa Brno (Cze)6-1/1802003-01-1720-1-0-1
18Isak RosenRWLeksands (Swe)5-11/1552003-03-1516-0-1-1
19Mason McTavishCPeterborough (OHL)6-0/2002003-01-30
20Matthew CoronatoLWChicago (USHL)5-9/1802002-11-1424-19-24-43
21William StromgrenLWMODO Hockey (Swe 2)6-3/1752003-06-0720-2-3-5
22Oskar OlaussonRWHV 71 (Swe)6-1/1802002-11-1016-3-1-4
23Nikita ChibrikovRWSKA St. Petersburg (KHL)5-10/1602003-02-1612-1-1-2
24Francesco PinelliCKitchener (OHL)6-0/1852003-04-11
25Sasha PastujovRWUSN U18 (USDP)6-0/1852003-07-1518-16-14-30
26Ryder KorczakCMoose Jaw (WHL)5-10/1702002-09-23
27Sebastian CossaGEdmonton (WHL)6-6/2102002-11-21
28Xavier BourgaultCShawinigan (QMJHL)6-0/1702002-10-2213-11-6-17
29Zachary BolducCRimouski (QMJHL)6-1/1752003-02-2410-5-3-8
30Logan MaillouxDSK Lejon (Swe)6-3/2152003-04-1515-5-7-12
31Daniil ChaykaDCSKA (KHL)6-3/1902002-10-2210-1-1-2
32Samu TuomaalaRWKarpat (Fin Jr)5-10/1752003-01-0824-12-11-23