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Here are the updated prospect stats as of Mar 17, 2013. This will end the Prospect Pipeline Tracker as my original intention was to follow the CHL seasons.

Thanks for following along.

The compilation consists of drafted prospects playing North American leagues in the AHL, ECHL, member leagues of CHL (OHL, QMJHL, WHL).

For an explanation on coverage, see this post here

The first drafted prospects by NHL team spreadsheet had grown a little too large and I was having trouble adding new sheets. To avoid any more issues, I just created a new document with a continuation from Feb 2013 onward.

First the Drafted Prospects By NHL Team:
Drafted Prospects By Team

First the Drafted Prospects By NHL Team2:
Drafted Prospects By Team

Draft eligible '95-born update:
'95 Draft Eligible players

Some players are highlighted to indicate they were born late in the year before January 1, 1995 and to point out players scoring above a point-per-game clip.

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