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One of  28 'A' prospects identified by NHL Central Scouting as a potential first rounder, Cam York leads the stacked US National U18 team and USNTDP Juniors from the back end in scoring with 14 points in 14 games (5 in 5 USHL games). Ryan Wagman describes him as 'often the engine that allows the uber-skilled 2019 USNTDP class to excel'. Read his full scouting report below.

A note on the 20-80 scale used below. We look at five attributes (skating, shooting, puck skills, hockey IQ and physicality) for skaters and six for goalies (athleticism/quickness, compete/temperament, vision/play reading, technique/style, rebound control and puck handling). Each individual attribute is graded along the 20-80 scales, which includes half-grades. The idea is that a projection of 50 in a given attribute meant that our observer believed that the player could get to roughly NHL average at that attribute at maturity

Cam York 2019 Draft Eligible
Position: D, Shoots L H/W: 5-11", 172 lbs
Stats to date (GP-G-A-PTS-PIMS) USNTDP Juniors, USHL (5-0-5-5-2)
  U.S. National U18 Team, USNTDP (14-2-12-14-4)
Cam York. Photo by Rena Laverty/USA Hockey

Cam York. Photo by Rena Laverty/USA Hockey

Skating: A very mobile blueliner in the modern style. York’s skating is not dynamic, but he is fast enough to keep opponents on their heels when he moves the puck forward. Offensively, his feet help to move the puck into the offensive end. In his own end, he shows quick feet as he cuts down space in his half of the ice. He will not be a game breaker due to his wheels, but he can play an equal share role in an odd-man rush with the speedier of his teammates. Grade: 55

Shot: York has a very quick release on his wrist shot. That weapon can force a save from the goalie, or it can be used to generate tips and/or deflections in front of the net. He needs to do a better job of recognizing the absence of a shooting lane, as he can sometimes fire one directly into the pads of an opposing forward and thus give up an odd-man rush against. That said, he does show good vision in the offensive zone, so that aspect may be more a matter of falling into tunnel vision than an inability to read the defense in front of him. Grade: 50

Skills: York is a highly skilled puck handler for a blueliner. His hands have the quickness to match his feet. His stickhandling can allow him to waltz through a first layer of defense when manning the point, helping him get the puck in deep to his talented teammates, kicking the offensive attack into high gear. He is a very good passer and has plus playmaking instincts and tools. Grade: 60

Smarts: More of an offensive defenseman than a two-way player, York is not without merits in his own end either. He keeps a good, tight gap and uses his stick well to remove space, which also helps him to overcome his lack of size and brawn. He needs to avoid tunnel vision on offense, which can leave him flatfooted after a preventable turnover near the offensive blueline. This may be a longwinded way of stating that he relies very much on his skills, leaving him to neglect playing with enough reserve. His ability to read the game is advanced enough that I expect these shortcomings to subside in time.  Grade: 60

Physicality: Physicality is not a big part of York’s game. He rarely engages with the body, preferring to use his stick to try to separate man from puck. He is also good at positioning himself minimize space for the opponent, such that the lack of physical play does not hamper his overall game.  Grade: 45

Summary: Cam York is a skilled blueliner who has the makings of a power play quarterback at the highest level. He moves the puck with skill and speed and is often the engine that allows the uber-skilled 2019 USNTDP class to excel, getting the puck moving from their own end to the happy zone where Jack Hughes and company can take over. He spent half of last year playing up with the U18 program and never really looked out of place, although some gaffes in the WU18s put that assumption to the test. A graduate of the vaunted Shattuck St. Mary’s program, he Californian York had previously been committed to play at Boston College after graduating from the program, but he is currently uncommitted. He currently looks like a good bet to be selected before the mid-point of the second round, if not earlier.

Overall Future Projection (OFP) = 55

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