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Currently sitting at #18 on McKeen's initial 2019 NHL Draft ranking, Ryan Wagman describes Trevor Zegras as 'one of the early risers of the 2019 draft class' He explains below with a full scouting report.

A note on the 20-80 scale used below. We look at five attributes (skating, shooting, puck skills, hockey IQ and physicality) for skaters and six for goalies (athleticism/quickness, compete/temperament, vision/play reading, technique/style, rebound control and puck handling). Each individual attribute is graded along the 20-80 scales, which includes half-grades. The idea is that a projection of 50 in a given attribute meant that our observer believed that the player could get to roughly NHL average at that attribute at maturity

Trevor Zegras 2019 Draft Eligible
Position: C/RW/LW, Shoots L H/W: 6-0", 169 lbs
Stats to date (GP-G-A-PTS-PIMS) USNTDP Juniors, USHL (7-4-8-12-10)
  U.S. National U18 Team, USNTDP (21-12-22-34-23)
Trevor Zegras. Photo by Rena Laverty/USA Hockey

Trevor Zegras. Photo by Rena Laverty/USA Hockey

Skating: While teammate and sometimes linemate Jack Hughes skates circles around the offensive zone, Zegras is more of a zigzagging North-South mover. He is very shifty with plus edges. The speed in his feet match that of his hands, allowing him to shoot through the neutral zone on a whim and create scoring chances for his team. Hughes is the more creative skater, allowing the viewer to sit back and appreciate. Zegras is more explosive. When he takes off, he is gone and the burst ends when he reaches his destination. Grade: 65

Shot: A gifted goal scorer who scores through positioning and stickhandling more than through his shot, his wrist shot is strong and accurate enough to be a significant threat from the faceoff dots and in.   Grade: 60

Skills: Zegras has crazy fast hands. He can dangle his way past defenders, or juke and weave through them. His hand-eye coordination is high end. As he gets into prime scoring areas, quick wrists make him a threat to tip or redirect point shots past scrambling goalies. More than just puck play, he is also a gifted playmaker. He moves the puck in the offensive zone with great touch and vision. More than some of the others who have played on the USNTDP first line this year with Hughes, Zegras has shown that he can continue to produce when shifted down to the second line. Grade: 65

Smarts: On the one hand, USNTDP head coach John Wroblewski does not use Zegras on the PK. On the other hand, none of the top line player get much time, other than the occasional mini-shift when there is a faceoff with under 15 seconds of penalty to kill. Nonetheless, Zegras has an acute hockey mind. His anticipation at both ends and ability to read the opposition, both with and without the puck, is very advanced for his age. Couple that with his extreme positional flexibility – in the three times that I have seen him this year, he lined up at each forward spot – and we have the makings of a reliable player.  Grade: 60

Physicality: Let’s be real here. The team that uses a likely first round choice on Zegras is not looking for a denizen of the dirty areas. He has room to grow, but he is rather lean at the moment. He does not play a soft or perimeter game and will withstand punishment if he has to, but all in the name of generating offense chances. Grade: 50

Summary: Trevor Zegras’ hometown of Bedford, New York, close by the Connecticut border, is known for the plethora of stars who call, or called it home. Ryan Reynolds, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Richard Gere, Martha Stewart, Bruce Willis, Brendan Fraser, Bea Arthur, Chevy Chase, Blake Lively, Rooney Mara, and many more. While not as prominent in terms of bred athletes, Zegras has the makings of a future star on the ice. He plays with fantastic pace and has the ability to drop jaws with a rush from blueline to blueline. One of four current USNTDP members with a BU commitment, his versatility and skill will allow him to find a quick home in the Terriers’ top six. There are as many as five current USNTDP forwards with legitimate first round aspirations. Of course, Jack Hughes is the first among that group and will remain in the pole position barring a career altering injury. The season is still young, but Zegras may have to be considered the current front runner to be next off the board. He can play with other highly skilled players, or he can drive the offense on his own. He has emerged as a player to watch and one of the early risers of the 2019 draft class.

Overall Future Projection (OFP) = 61.25

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