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*******NOTE -- We have added a google doc with a breakdown of points on a quarterly basis as it was presented in the magazine in the past. To access click here.


Site navigation has been a topic brought up in doses regarding the 2013-14 McKeen’s Hockey Pool Yearbook. Due to the demand, this is a primer intended to answer questions about where to find content on the site.


 Team Bar

Immediately, across the top are icons with logos to all NHL clubs that house the individual team items similar to the magazine. Access a team by clicking on the icon and the first landing page is the team breakdown.

 Team Page

On the right side of the page is a navigation bar where Team Stats and Top Prospects are housed.

 Navigation Sidebar

The team page is broken down into various tables containing information or links. At the bottom right of each table is the option to download the available data directly into an excel spreadsheet. The benefit here is to keep all the statistical information on a local drive and slice/dice and do any further analysis that poolies may require to get them ready for the season.

 Download Excel Data

The list of tables in order of appearance:

  • 2013-14 Team Predictions
  • 2013-14 Player Predictions
  • Top Prospects
  • Line Combinations/Depth Chart

             This is where all the player profiles are housed

 Line Combos




  •  Power Play
  • Current Line Combinations – provided by Frozen Pools
  • 2012-13 Team Scoring
  • Team Editorials
  •              Information tagged with the team pages are displayed here.

From the main page across the bottom of the banner are links leading to different areas of the site.

Banner Under bar



For Top Calder Trophy Candidates and Top prospect rankings, follow the drop down menu to access the pages.

Top Prospects





The NHL setup starts in the NHL Main tab from the NHL drop down menu. The projected top-10 scorers appear just above Editorial and Feature sections where users will find articles by McKeen’s fantasy writers:

 NHL bar






Carl Lemelin – Finding Value in Fantasy Hockey Drafts

Peter Harling.- Armed and Dangerous

The magazine staple BREAKOUTS AND HIDDEN GEMS is also housed off this main page

nhl editorial








The TOP 475 (which has actually been expanded and includes over 700 player projections) is accessed through the link Projected Scorers in the NHL menu. Similar to every other table the rankings are also available for download onto an excel spreadsheet.

The link Projected by Position/Rookies allows users to filter by position, and rookie status.

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14 Responses to 2013-14 Yearbook – Site Navigation & ’12-13 stats Google Doc

  1. Andrew Fong says:


    A lot of changes going from a print version to and online version.
    One thing I like about the print version that it was gear to us that participate in a pool that is relatively static …namely we pick at the beginning of the season…and we don’t change our players. Stats line comb or ice time that reflect historical (last season) as opposed to last 3 games or just last season …which was in the print version last year …is much more useful than what is current online…I know you can’t have it both ways …service those who are in a fantasy pool where they need to know the latest data…vs us old timers who are just in it for once a year.

    Good to know for next season.


  2. Gus Katsaros says:

    Thank you for the comment, Andrew!

  3. Stefano Pileggi says:

    I like the idea of updated info throughout the year. I am in a pool where we drop and pick up players constantly.

  4. Jeremiah Harrington says:

    Would really like to see some additional stats.
    Penalty Minutes
    Powerplay Points
    Shots on Goal

    Shots on Goal OR Goals Against and Saves (not just as a percentage)

    • McKeen's Hockey says:

      Thanks for the suggestion Jeremiah. If you are looking for projections – not historical stats — they are suggestions we will look at down the road.

  5. REMI GAGNON says:

    I buy the hockey pool yearbook but i can’t find it when i’m loged in . Where is my yearbook ?

    • McKeen's Hockey says:

      The website is the Yearbook containing the content from McKeen’s Hockey Pool Yearbook. It is not a downloadable PDF, however, all of the charts and projections are downloadable to excel or a PDF. You access the content through the website with your username and password.

  6. Charles Grégoire says:

    The salaries of each players should be on the projected scorers excel sheet. That would
    save us a lot of time. Thanks.

  7. Brendan Garvie says:

    Lots of confusion here. I can appreciate your quick responses to all of the questions. I have one. Where are the goalie projections?

  8. Old School says:

    The montreal’s 2012-13 stats is actually 2011-2012…needs an update

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