McKeen's 2005-06

I recall being devastated in the early 90's when the old 'Hockey Pool Fever' magazine went out of print.

It was part of the impetus behind starting McKeen's Hockey Pool Yearbook which has published annually since 1995, lockout year aside.

We had fully intended to continue the tradition this fall - and publish a 2013-14 print edition.

However, for  personal reasons,  we were not able to hit  the strict publishing deadlines of national newsstand distribution.

We have received a number of emails from longtime faithful readers expressing their disappointment at not finding a McKeen's magazine.

All of us at McKeen's regret that disappointment and thank you for your patience and continued support - which will go a long way in ensuring we are back with a print edition in 2014.

For this coming season though, we trust that you will find everything the hard-copy magazine offers and much more - on our web site.

As for navigation, subscribers can access player predictions here - and
on the team pages here - they are downloadable by clicking the link at the bottom of the chart 'Download Excel Data'.

Team predictions and player forecasts by team can be accessed by clicking on the NHL team logos along the top of the site.

Click on any player name to access player profiles.

Good luck in your pools.

Iain Morrell

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13 Responses to Why no McKeen’s on Newsstands?

  1. Steve Montpetit says:

    I don’t care about not getting a printed copy, but pdf file with everything in it would have been a good idea.

    • Gus Katsaros says:

      Hi, Steve.

      This seems to be a generally universal sentiment. We are exploring bringing the print version as an option again next season.


  2. Daryl Furkalo says:

    Is there no location to download all of the rosters into Excel in one file? Doing this by team kind of sucks.

  3. Tayls10 says:

    I can’t say I’m happy about this. I signed up fully expecting to get a copy delivered to me by now and use the Mobile site as I go throughout the season to check in here and there. I use the print copy as my bible for drafting and like to have it in hands, not fumbling between sites. Didn’t realize I was paying for what looks like I can get for free on many different fantasy sites.

  4. Andrew Fong says:

    I have to comment again …that the printed copies of the past had some nice features that are not currently not in the online version like …points per game per quarter, ice time for the past 3 seasons, or points in terms of goals and assists on the power play all easily readable in one spot …and the printed copy allowed you to take it to your pool night as a reference…

  5. Brent Appel says:

    I have to say you guys have the best quality content of any hockey pool magazine even if it has come out just before the season lately I have bought it for at least 7 years straight. I am sorry to hear about any personal issues you may have had to disrupt this business and I will continue to be a customer in the future.

    I have to say I would have really liked to see a version I could print and I am missing some of the articles like Breakouts and Calder Cup Candidates. I do find the online experience cumbersome and will turn to the print edition as soon as it is available. I am really hoping that you guys are still working to bring improvements the online experience this year. Thanks for many years of great content.

  6. Brent Appel says:

    Thanks Gus I had assumed I was locked out because of the lock icon on them.

  7. Nouepeyio Kom says:

    Stats are good BUT the comments that were added in different sections were even better. Not having that (more than not having the printed copy) is what I miss the most…

    Also, a pdf for everything woul dhave been nice.

    But again, life is not a straight line. All the best.

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