NHL Depth Charts


The Goalie Guild published the initial NHL Depth Charts report on Sept. 5, 2010. This free monthly report updates readers on the goaltending depth for all 30 NHL teams. Click the shield to view and download the latest version in PDF format.

The NHL Depth Charts report include the unique Alteration Marks, which are a simple way to assess a goaltender’s performance and progression in the previous month. Please note that they are merely a guide to help you better understand how a goalie is developing and progressing within their team's system.

Goaltenders included in this report are either signed by their respective NHL team to some type of contract (ELC or otherwise), or were drafted by their team and are still property of that organization.

The list does not include goalies that are signed only by AHL or ECHL teams. If you would like to see a report from a previous month, please contact Justin directly at justin@thegoalieguild.com at any time.