Sam Reinhart feature
Best playmaker

Sam Reinhart's hockey intelligence is almost matched by his vision, making him a constant threat to find open teammates in scoring positions.  "Reinhart is an elite playmaker," said one scout.  "He sees the ice so well and anticipates where players on both teams are going to be.  He'll be a productive setup man at any level of hockey."  Reinhart handles the puck well and makes smart, crisp passes right on the tape.

Jake_Virtanen featureLeon Draisaitl uses his strong frame to protect the puck and patiently find open teammates, making him a constant threat in the offensive zone. Bennett, Dal Colle have great hands and reach, and can saucer a pass with the best of them. Scherbak brings length, puck skills and vision to the table, making him a natural playmaker.

1. Sam Reinhart
2. Leon Draisaitl
3. Sam Bennett 
4. Michael Dal Colle 
5. Nikita Scherbak

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